Baby Pacifier "Don't Say Baby" Paris Favor Necklace, Lavender, 24-Count


Although safety pins have always been an option, sometimes you or your guests may not want to subject your clothing to the pinholes they leave behind! These adorable pacifier necklaces are perfect to use instead, and make a wonderful keepsake for after as well! 

Necklaces come already pre-assembled, exactly as pictured in the photo! A large variety of styles are available for purchase, so you can be sure to find something that will suit your baby shower theme! Each pack includes 24 decorated necklaces.

How to play: Everyone at the shower gets a necklace, and if you catch someone saying "baby," then you get to steal their necklace(s). Whoever ends with the most necklaces at the end of the shower wins the prize! (Prize not included.)
Objective: To be the guest at the end of the shower wearing the most necklaces. 

This fun game is easy to play, and helps break the ice among strangers.