Self Adhesive Plastic Transparent Archival Bag Invite Card Photo Envelope Holder


Self adhesive! Remove the tape guard on the back to seal your envelope. 

Place wedding, baby shower, graduation, business and other invitation cards in these bags/envelopes instead of a plain envelope! You can see right through to the card and add embellishments such as our acrylic flowers or candy as a nice treat. Attach ribbons of all kinds to the bag and make your invitation card an impressive display!

Great for placing wedding, baby shower, business events and everyday photos inside! Use it to archive your paper stuff and craft stuff! Useful for covering paper to keep out heat, rain, or fog in outdoors environment.

4-inch x 5-inch (56 pieces)
5-inch x 7-inch (40 pieces)
6-inch x 8-inch (30 pieces)